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How do you start your content creation process? Do you plan it out beforehand? Create micro-pieces? Or just let it flow? Today I'd like to review some of the most successful content creation methods out there for marketing your business online.

Content Creation methods, tips & tricks by Junglebolt.

It’s no secret that great content on a website is the key that opens the door to links, social shares, and traffic. But you may be wondering, What really is great content?

Well, when I say “great content,” I’m talking about content that does one thing and does it well: generates high quality backlinks to your site. This is a huge factor in search engine optimization (SEO).

One of the most common ways is to create content that is centered around news in your industry.

If you’re in an active industry like technology, there is always something to write about. Instagram, facebook and twitter are always updating and testing our new features on their platforms. As a marketing and advertising company, we could write about how we may use these new and upcoming features to our advantage.

Presentations are great for readers who need a little more time to digest bigger pieces of content.

They also let you introduce your business in a more visually appealing way. Break your content into slides and share your professional presentations with these tools. Fortunately for you, there's now HUNDREDS of platforms that allow you to build, upload, and edit presentation decks and share them to social media. This list of sharing sites includes Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and of course LinkedIn. Email, links, WordPress shortcodes, and iframe embedding are also usually available to share your work as well.


According to Jakob Nielsen, 16% of users read web copy word for word, while 79% read by scanning a page and picking out individual words and sentences.

Design and look matter even when it comes to written content. Organizing content in a way that is easily scannable and has a clear eye path will increase engagement.

Using subheaders, breaking up blocks of text, and picking an easily readable font will all help readers engage with your content.

Create a great Consumer Search Experience

What Is User Flow and what does it have to do with the consumer? - you.

Well, we can answer that. A lot of people get confused about the difference between the terms “user flow” and “user journey”.

User flow is the steps a user takes to accomplish a task on your site. It includes all the different pages and touch points that are part of that interaction. If your website was a city, says Orbit Media, there would be roads running through it. These roads are the “user flow” that visitors follow.

User journey is like customer journey. It includes user flow, but also includes external factors that bring people to your site and what they do after they leave as part of the whole experience of becoming your customer.

Quicksprout’s Neil Patel says the best user flows are simple and action-oriented. He adds that mapping user flow keeps prospects in your sales funnel and reduces churn.


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